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Spurt: /pHawaiian Spirit sorry, just got called for a meeting, I'll check back in about an hour, say 2:30 Spurt: later guys, let me know what/when/where Hawaiian Spirit: yeah.....just let us know where you want fucked. Spurt: x Spurt: g Hawaiian Spirit: wrong command, modelling nude erection stud. Top Hung: bye spurt Raunchy: s'long spurtHawaiian Spirit: don't let it get soft Spurt. Spurt: so how do i get the fuck out of here? Spurt: grin Hawaiian Spirit: you have to type /? and enter and then it will give you commands.Hawaiian Spirit: flat chest model did you get that Spurt? Spurt:thanks Spurt just cruised out Hawaiian Spirit: it's easy. just type /Off and it will automatically log you off or you can exit by models angels youngs typing /Q I think. Top Hung just cruised out Raunchy: guys, better decide something as I am almost out of time... Hawaiian Spirit, just cruised out There is no one else in here with you.Raunchy: I guess child preeten model I'll log off and jack amada model screensaver off to some hot videos or a hot slideshow of JPGs and GIFs on the computer! ============================================================================ Another Hot Gay Story from the Archives of Love Spirit. Have you read "Hot Black Chat" or "Erma" two other tales from Love Spirit? If you'd like to trade stories, just email me at ============================================================================
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